A Beat like a Shoyu ramen (I mean common taste…)

Yoshiaki Sakai
2 min readSep 28, 2019

The summary of this story is actually simple, I composed a beat. And I wanted to compose a common beat like a shoyu ramen(In Japan Shoyu ramen is a standard taste of ramen). This is the beat.

On the world, there are so many kinds of music.

Music with nice melody to sing or the text is amazing. Jazz’s improvisation is awesome and contemporary music often needs an ability to listen to music what happened or you have to understand the concept of the sounds. Music is various.

Thought of wild

This time I composed a beat. I think a beat is a fundamental thing. Our heart does makes beat every time I would like to say ‘life is beat’. Minimal music represented by Steve Reich also a sort of fundamental music.

I’m leaning contemporary music and compose it too and I think contemporary music is the latest music in the world. And Beat is the eldest music in the world. not because but I love beats.

I love club music and hip-hop because they are so wild:) Not everybody but many producer don’t know music theory. But sounds nice!

Common but nice

I wanted to make a common beat. It’s not special but nice(I hope…)

I won't concentrate to make beats but I’ll make slowly like life.

I make hip-hop beats too

This is a demo reel, if you need some beat for your production let me know!



Yoshiaki Sakai

I am a composer living in Berlin. Acoustic music/ Electronic music/ Beats https://yoshiaki-sakai.com/