I have composed an ambient music piece. I like to collaborate with artists when I publish my music, because I love painting.

This time I could collaborate an awesome artist Innocent Buregeya.

I was inspired to collaborate with Innocent Buregeya when I went to an African restaurant in Neukölln and was impressed with his works.
I wrote about him in my last story…


You can see more of his work on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/buregeya_arts/

We are talking about to do a live painting event when the corona is settled. If you have some idea about live painting space please let me know.

We’ve held our own electronic music event in Berlin.

The party is called LAMEILO. The artist are all machine live set.

If you are looking for a deep electronic music party, LAMEILO is the perfect place. In this video playing Federico Falke, he organizes this event with me.

This is our facebook page please like! to recieve the information:)

This is my new project with an awesome guitarist Ibuki and we try to compose electro-acoustic sounds. We grow up in Japan and practiced and listened to so many western musics and at the same time we grow up with Japanese traditional music and electronic music….

Ibuki’s music background is actually Gipsy guitar, so his hero is ‘Django rheinhalt’. My music background is Jazz, contemporary music, electronic music. I have so many musical heroes, for example, Ligeti, Bartok, YMO, Aphex Twin and so on.

We met last month in Berlin now the time to compose music through each background. Let’s see what kinds of music we’ll compose.

Yoshiaki Sakai

I am a composer living in Berlin. Acoustic music/ Electronic music/ Beats https://yoshiaki-sakai.com/

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